Selected current and recent activities of include:

• BlueLink Virtual Newsroom - independent journalists investigating issues of public interest in fields such as nature protection, human rights, women and gender rights, corruption, good governance,   failures of environmental law enforcement and public participation. Partnership with Climate News Network, UK.

• Enhancing journalism in public interest and freedom of speech – strengthening professional skills and promoting high professional and ethical norms of journalism in public interest, facilitating journalists’ cooperation and engagement with civil society and social movements, use of independent expertise and interactive IT tools for quality reporting and storytelling, in partnership with The Guardian Foundation, UK.

• Geodata-based IT instruments for civic participation - such as Green Map, an interactive information and networking resource on environmental hotspots in Bulgaria. Other virtual platforms that enable citizens and civic initiatives to alert CSOs and authorities about cases of: illegal deforestation; urban environmental problems; and breaches of Bulgaria's non-smoking regulations.

• BlueLink Civic Action Network - a  virtual social network of NGOs, activist groups and individual citizens, supplied with a portfolio of mailing lists, web pages and other channels of user-generated content on environmental, sustainability and nature conservation, but also  human rights, democracy and other issues.

• Internet Society Watch – Bulgaria: regular contributions on Bulgaria and other post-socialist countries to the Global Internet Society Watch annual almanac by the Association for Progressive Communications.

• Free Electrons Awards - a biannual award for strategic internet use for public interest purposes.


BlueLink’s recent donors include:

  • EEA Financial Mechanism/NGO Support Fund for Bulgaria;
  • Eath Journalism Network/Internews;
  • DBU – Germany; EU Citizens Programme;
  • The German Marshall Fund; and
  • the C.S.Mott Foundation.