A Glimpse of Hope - BlueLink Annual Report for 2021

The annual report "A Glimpse of Hope" outlines BlueLink's activity in 2021. The report describes the organisation's mission and action areas, as well as the main activities in the past year, in line with the 2021-2023 Strategy. The report also presents all BlueLink's partners and donors in 2021, as well as a financial statement of income by source and distribution of expenditure by key action areas.

Another important issue

In order to keep supporting the strtategic use of information and telecommunication technologies and the internet by civil society, for the sake of nature protection, common European values and democracy, we need to be independent. You can support BlueLink by making a donation  to the BlueLink Foundation or  becoming a volunteer to help our activities. Learn more about BlueLink's mission, vision and activities here.