Donors and Partners

BlueLink’s recent organisational donors and supporting partners include:

  • Europe for Citizens Programme of the EU;
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung - Bulgaria;
  • DBU – Germany; EU Citizens Programme;
  • Heinrich Boell Foundation - Brandenburg;
  • Green European Foundation;
  • Bulgarian Fund for Women
  • Smoke-free Life Coalition - Bulgaria;
  • Association for Progressive Communications;
  • EEA Grants; and
  • EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.


BlueLink has been funded in the past by:

  • Earth Journalism Network of Internews;
  • The German Marshall Fund;
  • The Canada Fund;
  • The Regional Environmental Reconstruction Programme of the Stability Pact for South Eastrn Europe;
  • USAID - Demoracy Programme;
  • Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe; and
  • C.S.Mott Foundation.

as well as many private donors, supporting the mission and activities of BlueLink.


BlueLink is a member of the following networks, coalitions and platforms:

  • Association for Progressive Communications, global
  • Coalition for Media Literacy in Education, Bulgaria
  • Education for Development platform, Bulgaria
  • Justice and Environment, EU
  • Smoke-free Life Coalition, Bulgaria
  • Civil Association Ravni.BG, Bulgaria