Talents for Humanity and Nature

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Summer program for art engaging with violence, peace, discrimination, inequality, pollution and other problems of our time


We invite young and active painters, designers, authors of applied arts, musicians, architects, urban planners, writers, poets, journalists, musicians and other artists to take part in the program "Talents for Humanity and Nature".




discussion workshop on June 10, 2022, in a personal space that brought together in a unique way the art of two emblematic artists - Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master and Dimitar Kirov - DiKiro.

creative projects         of participants who creatively cross the art with current issues such as violence, environment, social and civil rights, among others;

mentorship                 provided by leading experts in the field of visual and performing arts, journalism, architecture and social sciences; and

media opening           public presentation of the creative projects in the Museum of the New Bulgarian University in the autumn of 2022.


Starting point of the art process is the creative and personal story of two famous artists from different eras of modern Bulgarian history: Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master and Dimitar Kirov - DiKiro, and the personal initiative of their heirs to preserve a unique monumental work connecting the two - sgraffito "The Master and his models", created by DiKiro in 1975 in the family home of Pavel Antonov in Sofia (in the photo).





Information for the participants


Participants will discuss the artistic aspects of engaging with social issues - from the beginning, middle, end of the 20th century, and today, located in the following dimensions:

  • peace - violence. Resource works: "Dedicated to Picasso and Guernica", "Shooting", "Armenia", "Apocalypse" - by Dimitar Kirov, military graphics and illustrations by the Master
  • hatred - tolerance - freedom; cycle "Burnt Icons", "Icarus", by DiKiro, "Veiled Women" - by the Master
  • conservation - destruction of nature - floral and natural elements in the works of the Master, drawings in nature, "Landscapes of Plovdiv" - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter by DiKiro
  • equality - discrimination - Crosses and mosques, hometowns, in a landscape work by DiKiro
  • social equality - exploitation, solidarity - selfishness; - "The Worker's Breakfast" - DiCiro, "Aid for Democratic Korea" - The Master



Experts and mentors


Ro Antonova-Kirova, wife and muse of Dimitar Kirov - DiKiro and relative of Vladimir Dimitrov-the Master Pavel Antonov, PhD, hereditary relative of the Master and DiKiro, executive editor and co-founder of BlueLink.net, owner of the sgraffito "The Master and his models" by DiKiro Prof. Chavdar Popov, Bulgarian art historian, university lecturer, author of studies and monographs on contemporary Bulgarian art Arch. Elitsa Panayotova, head of the architectural studio "Skica", urban planner, conceptual designer of the site "Slivnitsa 263", including preservation and conservation of sgraffito "The Master and his models" by DiKiro Elena Metodieva - Bear, musician, composer, hereditary relative of the Master Marin Bekirski, leading restorer of sgraffito, a graduate of the National Academy of Arts, restored previous works by DiKiro Eli Todorova, curator of the Museum of the New Bulgarian University


The activities are a step in the implementation of the initiative "Change 263" of Pavel Antonov, a relative of the Master and DiKiro, to intertwine in personal and public space between creative and civic energy for green social change through civic participation, innovation and use of information technology. They are implemented within the project "Heritage of DiKiro in young hands - civic participation in the restoration of the sgraffito about Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master in Sofia", implemented by the BlueLink Foundation with the financial support of the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality.















Contacts: art.bluelink.net, 0888 704661, art@bluelink.net