BluеLink Chronicles 2007 – 2009


January 2007

Gorna Banya – Training seminar: “EU Environmental Policy and Financial Instruments and Development of Tools for Communication”.  The training was part of the Enviropinfo project.


February 2007

Bucharest – Green Agenda seminar under the BlueLink's MATRA project for sustainable regional development in Bulgaria and Romania.


March 2007

Szentendre – BlueLink received an award from UNECE as a “Leading Contributor” to the Aarhus Clearinghouse Mechanism and for its contribution to the work program of the Task Force on Electronic Information Tools.

BlueLink's joint project for implementing a national campaign on Persistent Organic Polluters was approved for funding by the Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Program.


April 2007

Sofia – First meeting of NGOs, partners in MATRA project.

BlueLink joined My Coast project with the elaboration of a project web site:


May 2007

Sofia – May-June-July – A series of meetings with the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria to common activities with the Bulgarian NGO society for elaboration of a mechanism to influence the Bulgarian eco-politics.

Barcelona – Meeting of European members of the APC. BlueLink suggested an initiative to build an international portal for Information Technology and environmental sustainability.


June 2007

Sofia – Round table "Media and Natura”; BlueLink is co-organizer.

Gorna Banya – Seminar for BeleNE! coalition: Working with the Media".

Sofia – Round table: “Nuclear Energy and the Bulgarian Media”.

Started “Persistent Organic Pollutants” campaign – website, promotion materials, pres conferences and round tables.


July 2007

BlueLink started online campaign for freedom of speech in the Internet – FreeNet campaign: http://freenet.bluelink.net/.


August 2007

Sofia – In its role of observer of the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Bulgaria BlueLink informed the Ministry of Environment about the lack of discussion with NGOs in preparing the annual national report on implementation of the Convention. Following the intervention of BlueLink, the institution has invited the community for debate.


September 2007

Sardinia – Seminar on Web 2.0 for youth NGOs. Exchange of experience between online networks and youth organizations.

Sofia – Meeting with NGOs, business, media to discuss development strategy in the field of free and democratic use of ICT. With the participation of Executive agency "Electronic Communication Networks and Information Systems".

BlueLink launched two new websites: Enviropinfo for European environmental policy: http://www.enviropinfo.bluelink.net/; POPs for the campaign on Persistent Organic Pollutants: http://www.bluelink.net/pops;


October 2007

Belgrade –Ministerial Meeting "Environment for Europe" in Belgrade BlueLink organized and conducted an on-line talk show.

Hague – Partnership meeting on the project HAGRID – part of the information campaign for 7 Framework Program for Technological Cooperation of the European Commission.

Launching of a feedback mechanism through personal blogs for the NGO representatives selected by the online voting platform of BlueLink: http://www.bluelink.net/voteblog/.


November 2007

Rio de Janeiro – APC bi-annual Council meeting. BlueLink advocated for including the topic of environmental sustainability into the next APC strategy. APC awarded BlueLink for contributing to the environmental protection by promoting utilization of ICTs.

Blagoevgrad – Bluelink held a seminar: “Modern Information and Communication Technologies in Use of the Civic Activism”.

Skopje – International forum: “Inclusive e-Government”. BlueLink participated with a presentation: "Web standards for usability and accessibility".

BlueLink submit an offer for a second project on OPAC (as subcontractors for the development of Internet sites). The project was approved.

BlueLink made a proposal for inclusion of BlueLink and PECSD to SF team project (as a continuation of activities under the Matra project). The project was approved;


December 2007

Varna – Bluelink held a seminar: “Modern Information and Communication Technologies in Use of the Civic Activism”.

Geneva – Aarhus Convention Sixth meeting of the Task Force on Electronic Information Tools followed by the International ECOs Strategy Meeting “Reinforcing the Aarhus Convention”.


January 2008

E-vote: nominations for NGO representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and Food - Working program for developing Fishery sector.

February 2008

Amsterdam – Kick-off meeting of project Staccato financed under the 6th FWP of the EC in the area of RES and EE.

Sofia – BlueLInk discussed with the Social Ministry the use of the on-line platform for electing NGO representatives in governmental bodies.

BlueLink launched EcoVarna.info website (PESCD).

E-vote: nominations for NGO representatives for the Monitoring committees on the trans-border programs.


March 2008

Varna – Meeting of watchdog teams of NEPR with NGO representatives in SF monitoring committees (Matra project).

Sofia – Round table on citizens participation in the decision making process on EC level.


April 2008

Sofia – POPs events – round table, seminar for MSE, meeting of NGOs.

Approved core funding for BlueLink from C.S.Mott foundation.


May 2008

Sofia – Discussion of possible joint IT activities with UNDP and with the Executive agency "Electronic Communication Networks and Information Systems".

Sofia – National conference on EU Funds in Sofia under the Matra project.

Budapest – Work package leaders meeting in Budapest for Staccato project.


June 2008

Riga – Meeting of the Parties of the Aarhus convention. BlueLink took part in 4 side events as panelist and facilitator.

Berlin – NGO working meeting in Berlin for drafting a project proposal for educational program.


July 2008

Sofia – Meeting at BlueLink office with the deputy ambassador of Germany to present BlueLink’s activities and discuss possible actions for environmental protection.

Sofia – BlueLink organized meeting between Microsoft and Bulgarian NGOs.

Budapest – Seminar and an international conference on Data Retention, organized by APC.

Sofia – Round table with institutions on data retention with The Internet Society Bulgaria.


September 2008

BlueLink prepared the Bulgarian part of the APC’s Global Information Society Watch report for 2008: http://www.giswatch.org/gisw2008

E-vote: NGO elections for Ministry of Environment and Water, for Ministry of Regional Development and for Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation.

ISOC and BlueLink developed a small project on data retention.


October 2008

Izmir – Training course “Creating right atmosphere for the future” held from “Youth in Action”.

BlueLink in Dnevnik Newspaper about data retention:


November 2008

BlueLink and PECSD prepared public survey about the spending of EU funds in Bulgaria


December 2008

Sofia – BlueLink at “Days of Challenge” – a social, sport and green event of “Mountains and People” Association.

January 2009

Varna – Partnership capacity building meeting part of SF team project to draft a methodology for NGOs to monitor the sustainability of projects, financed by EU in Bulgaria.

BlueLink submitted a project proposal, together with CVS Bulgaria, for elaboration of voluntaries' database in Bulgaria.


February 2009

Sofia – BlueLink co-organized a NGO practitioners training: "Networking, partnerships and awareness raising". We conducted theoretical and practical training on: Virtual networks, Web 2.0, Data retention, Work with media to raise public awareness.

Sofia – BlueLink continues its support to the Sofia University Biology Faculty. Few enthusiasts have compiled a small library with materials and publications for students of Biology. BlueLink has donated more than 300 periodicals and books in its aim to contribute to the conservation goals of the faculty.


March 2009

BlueLink officially announced the start of “Spasi gorata” – an online system for filing whistleblowers' alerts for illegal logging, mobilizing active citizens' to use the system and ensuring follow-up by expert NGOs and officials of the State Forestry Agency.

Sofia – Discussion of the Bulgarian Center for Nonprofit Law on a project for building effective cooperation between civil organizations and public administration.


April 2009

Sofia – Meeting with the Access to Information Program for cooperation in the development of the Bulgarian part of the Global Information Society report 2009.

Sofia – BlueLink signed an agreement for participation in project "Development education".

Sofia – Open discussion of civil groups and active citizens about the development of new civil mechanisms for social change and the coordinated use of existing ones.


June 2009

E-vote: launching of NGO voting procedure for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Sofia – Meetings with civil coalitions Bele-NE! and EU Funds – role and commitments of BlueLink.

August 2009

BlueLink – Social Innovation camp Ambassador for Bulgaria.


October 2009

Online trainings on project activities for Greening IT – APC project.


November 2009

The prototype of a database of CVS is ready.

Sofia – Partnership of "Save the forest” with mountain guides school of association "Mountains and People".

Sofia – Meeting for joint activities, based on “pro bono” principle, with representatives of the Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights.


December 2009

Sofia – Press conference and a promotional event in the Czech cultural center for the end of first phase of "Save the forest" campaign.


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