Ksenia Vakhrusheva

Projects Manager, Sustainable Development and EU-Russia

Russian freelance journalist and civic activist.

Got Masters in Public Administration from the St.Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (Russia, 2006) and MSc in International Business and Management from the University of Bedfordshire (UK, 2008). In 2010 obtained a PhD in economics in the Regional Economics Institute of the Russian Academy of Science in St.Petersburg.

Has experience in analytical research, finance, teaching, and project management.

For the past 6 years has dedicated her career to the NGO sector, specifically to environmental issues and civic education. Since 2011 works with the Environmental Rights Center BELLONA (www.bellona.ru), a Russian NGO providing legal advice to people and grassroots groups on how to fight against environmental violations and promoting free access to information about environmental situation through its magazine Environment and Rights (http://bellona.ru/ecopravo/) and a web-page.

In 2012 Ksenia was elected in a Steering Committee of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (www.eu-russia-csf.org), a network of independent NGOs from Russia and EU member states aiming to expand relations between civil societies and promote deeper integration between Russia and the EU.

In 2014 due to political reasons left Russia and settled in Bulgaria.

Since 2015 has been writing articles in BlueLink's e-magazine for journalism in public interest - Evromegdan.bg.