BlueLink Joined the Anti-Disinformation Network for the Balkans

BlueLink Foundation joined the Anti-Disinformation Network for the Balkans (ADN-Balkans). BlueLink signed its Declaration on Development on 22 April 2020.

ADN-Balkans serves as the basis of a cooperation between civil society organizations, media outlets, educational institutions and all other relevant stakeholders with a goal of forming a wide front on countering disinformation through affirmation of the highest standards of fact-checking and all other ethical principles of professional journalism, as well as promoting media literacy and critical thinking.

It was announced on April 2, the International Fact-Checking Day 2020, by nine organizations from five Balkan countries. The founding members have issued a declaration that re-affirms the freedom of expression in its various forms, stressing that the situation in the Balkans which requires an added focus on countering the problem of disinformation at regional level, especially cross-border disinformation, as well as empowerment of citizens through education and putting their actual needs as priority in the work of the media.

ADN-Balkans developed gradualy through bilateral and multilateral cooperation of its founding members which intensified during the last two years in response to increasing level of disinformation in the region.

“Joining and supporting ADN-Balkans is important for BlueLink, as matches our mission and current activities”, comments Pavel Antonov, executive editor of BlueLink - the first Bulgarian member.

Other members are Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and Society (North Macedonie), (Albania), (Greece), Crno beli svet (Kosovo), Peace Journalism Lab (Greece), Digital Communication Network SouthEast Europe Hub, (Greece), Istinomer (Serbia), Ellinika Hoaxes (Greece), Internews Kosova (Kosovo).

The network is open for cooperation and expansion with all entities working in the region that adhere to the principles enshrined in its founding declaration.

Another important thing

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