Call for Articles: Green Watchdog Stories Wanted from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia, the newly-founded e-magazine for watchdog journalism, is inviting journalists from Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia to submit stories on cross-border environmental issues.

Freelance journalists based in one of the three countries, who are willing to work as public interest watchdogs applying high ethical and professional standards, are welcome to submit stories about environmental challenges and Green policies as sustainable alternative solutions. Interested authors should send their story proposals and a brief professional biography by email to contact [at] bluelink [dot] info.

Please note that full story texts are not required at this stage. Successful proposals will need to identify an environmental problem or issue that affects at least two of the covered countries and:

- indicate what facts, developments and figures the journalists intend to collect and investigate; 

- list the main story characters, organisations or sides, whose explanation, stand or opinion will be part of the story; and 

- explain its impact on the everyday life of individuals, communities or groups affected.

The editor will respond within 5 working days and will offer feedback to successful candidates, make suggestions on the story structure and word length, and eventually invite them to develop full text stories. A detailed introduction to BlueLink’s ethical and professional editorial requirements will also be offered to new authors. 

Authors and editors will then work as a team to produce illustrated feature stories of outstanding quality and will eventually see them published online by the e-magazine. Multimedia features will be encouraged. Certain journalistic pieces will be also translated and republished in Bulgarian, Serbian or Macedonian. 

Published authors will be remunerated based on the contracted length and complexity of each story. Additional funds will be available for reporting trip(s) or other expenses that are essential for the quality of their articles. An average author’s fee for a 1750 words long story should be about EUR 100 in total, including all applicable taxes and deductions. Travel and related costs may also be covered separately where necessary. The deadline for this call is the 30th of November 2016, but story proposals will be accepted on a first come – first served basis as long as funding is available.

This call is part of the Journalists and Policy Makers Boost Green Economy project funded by the Green European Foundation (Brussels), implemented by the BlueLink Foundation (Sofia) in partnership with the Association for Sustainable Social-Economic Development Sunrise (Skopje) and Drugi Novi Centar Association (Belgrade). The project is organised with financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.