Local stories about global climate change - journalism workshop

Fifteen journalists took part in the workshop Local stories about global climate change, which the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW) conducted with the support of the BlueLink Foundation on November 27 and 28, 2023. The workflow was moderated by BlueLink's executive editor Pavel Antonov, using a collaborative method designed in partnership with former climate and environment correspondents of media outlets such as The Guardian, Financial Times and the BBC.

Journalists interested in climate change from Bulgaria's regions participated in the two-day event. Participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences in investigating and reporting on climate issues, as well as to receive new and in-depth information on adaptation policies from ministerial experts and climate advocates. The practical sessions also provided a horizon for identifying new topics and regional aspects of the global climate topic.

Experts from the state administration, NGOs and academia presented useful information, including Environment Operation Programme head Galina Simeonova, MOEW cimate policy head Boryana Kamenova and international affairs departmernt head Silivia Rangelova, as well as Za Zemiata / Friend of the Earth's Todor Todorov and prominant climate advocate and tennis player Magdalena Maleeva.

Workshop particiipants attended a national round table on Climate rights - strategic, legislative framework and opportunities for application at the national and local level, which was opened by Bulgaria's Minister of Environment and Water, Julian Popov, experts from various ministries and municipalities, as well as business representatives.

Discussing professional and ethical aspects of climate journalism, the workshop participants gathered information for their stories and earned a certificate.


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