Promoting the Public Dialogue on Green Recovery from COVID-19

Improving the dialogue between the Bulgarian government and various stakeholders and professional groups that will be directly affected by the implementation of the Bulgarian National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (NPRR) should be a leading element in finalizing the plan and its subsequent implementation during the period 2021-2024.

With the support of Bluelink, the Green European Foundation ( will conduct a study on the implementation of the so-called Green Recovery and Resilience Mechanism  (GRRM) from the COVID-19 pandemic in the European Union (EU) and Bulgaria. It will include the exchange of information and good practices with political formations from the European Green Party and members of the Green European Foundation network in 3 selected EU member states, related to the development of NPRRs and public participation in that process.

As a result of the study, an analytical report will be developed with a summary of the main facts and deadlines for the implementation of the GRRM in Bulgaria and at least three EU member states. The analysis will identify the three most problematic policy areas in the Bulgarian NRRP, both in terms of the proposed priorities and projects to be included for funding from EU under the Next Generation Instrument, and in terms of the plan’s discussion with the concerned stakeholders. The report will also include the development of recommendations for compliance with the applicable EU regulations, criteria and requirements concerning the three most problematic policy areas included in the Bulgarian NPRR.

Based on the analysis, experts will prepare position papers with proposals for “greening” of the NPRR in its selected three most problematic thematic areas and specific proposals for achieving compliance with the applicable EU requirements in these areas of the plan. Each paper will be shared with representatives of political parties, institutions, industry and trade organizations, NGOs and other target groups that support the greening of the NPRR.

The findings and main conclusions of the analysis and discussions with stakeholders will be widely disseminated, including through journalistic publications.

“The Bulgarian National Plan for Recovery and Resilience was officially presented for the first time as a draft document for public debate on October 30, 2020 without prior consultation and participation of the affected stakeholders and economic sectors. The topic of green recovery from COVID-19 remains completely unknown to Bulgarian society and the affected professional groups and communities and is not discussed in the traditional media. Such groups and communities include, for example, miners, health workers, farmers, green and IT entrepreneurs, organizations involved in R&D and innovation, etc.,” commented Natalia Dimitrova, Chairwoman of Bluelink. “Through the planned activities, the project will contribute to expanding the potential base of stakeholders who will support the implementation of the NPRR, providing them with the opportunity to exchange new promising ideas and good practices related to achieving green recovery and resilience of the Bulgarian economy after COVID-19”, Dimitrova added.

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The text was prepared within the framework of the project № GEF-21-17 “Fostering Public Debate on Green Recovery and Resilience Process in Bulgaria”. The project is organised by the Green European Foundation ( with the support of Bluelink and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.


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