търси доброволен превод на български

We have launched a new website,, and have translated it to 10 languages. And we are now working on the next 10 languages (including the 'smaller' Eastern-European ones). However, we have not found a translator for Bulgarian. If you would be able to find people willing to translate 1 webpage (varying from 75 to 300 words), feel free to refer them to us. I.e. steven.vanholme <at>

All translation I get are online within 6 hours.
The instructions are simple:

  1. We don't have deadlines.
  2. Go to   If you see the text in English, that means that it has not yet been translated.
  3. Translate page per page (or long texts paragraph per paragraph) and send your results immediately to steven.vanholme <at> .


Translations will be online within 24 hours. Most often even within 6 hours. 4) Comments on and corrections of already translated texts are also welcome (but this is not yet relevant for Bulgarian) Background information for the translators: EKOenergy is a network of 24 environmental NGOs. We have started in December 2012 and we have launched our website in July 2013. In the last 35 days, 28 volunteers have translated together more than 350 pages, in 15 languages. Bulgarian is still missing.