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BlueLink invites donatiions from individuals and organisations who want to support its mission and activities for strengthening civil society, democracy and environment protection, and fostering the values of united Europe, by using strategically the Internet and new information technologies. All donations to BlueLink are processed and duly reported by the BlueLink Foundation - a non profit entity registered in public interest under Bulgaria's Non-Profit Organisations Act. Donations to BlueLink are eligible for tax discount in Bulgaria.

PLEASE NOTE! By making a donation you accept BlueLink's Donation Conditions listed below. Please read them carefully before you proceed. If you accept them, please chose one of the following options to donate to BlueLink:

  • use your credit or debit card or PayPal account to  donate here; or
  • make a bank transfer to BlueLink's registered bank account : BG90UBBS80021081496840, SWIFT: UBBSBGSF, at United Bulgarian Bank, Princess Maria Louiza Branch, in Sofia 1202, Bulgaria.


To discuss a donation, grant or inquire for partnership, please call us +359 888 704 661 or send us an email to office <at> bluelink <dot> net .

BlueLink's team and founders thank you for your support, solidarity and vision.


By making a donation you accept these Donation Conditions:

  1. Making a donation represents an agreement to enter into a Donation Contract with BlueLink for the chosen amount.
  2. You are entitled to put a condition to your donation, e.g. by committing it to a specific project or activity of BlueLink.
  3. Your donation will be accounted, documented and reporterd transparently in line with Bulgaria's applicable laws.
  4. A Donation Certificate is issued by BlueLink for any donation made.
  5. By making a donation you agree that BlueLink will collect and process your contacts, name and other data, required by Bulgarian law. All data collected will be processed by BlueLink in line with BlueLink's Data Protection Policy and the EU's 2016/679, GDPR and Bulgaria's Accounting and Non-for-Profit regulations.
  6. Unless you specifically request otherwise, your name will be listed publicly as a benefactor to BlueLink in our Annual Report and other relevant publications.
  7. Any materials or actions by BlueLink in response to your donation represent a token of gratitude for your charitable act and have no monetary or business value.
  8. Every benefactor is entitled to full account of the way their donation was used and spent by BlueLink.
  9. BlueLink does not accept donations from individuals or legal entities serving or otherwise related to tobacco, arms trade and other industries involved in destroying the natural environment or denying human rights, dignity or otherwise contradict the European Union's aims and values. By making a donation you declare that you comply with this requirement.
  10. reserves the right to refuse and return any donation which:
  • does not represent a genuine charitable act; or
  • violates any applicable laws;
  • originates from individuals or legal entities connected whose purposes contradict the mission of BlueLink, Bulgarian or EU law; or
  • comes under conditions (see p.2 above) which we cannot meet.