Team, Board and Founders

BlueLink is a foundation registered in public benefit under Bulgaria’s Non-for-profit Organisations Act. It is governed by a Council of Founders, which meets at least once a year. An Executive Board is appointed to oversee the foundation’s activities. Since 2011 the board has appointed Pavel Antonov, PhD, to manage the organisation's team and day-to-day activities as Executive Manager.

BlueLink's Founders

BlueLink was founded in 1998 and registered in 1999 by:

  • ECO-CLUB 2000 – Sofia;
  • Public  Center for Environment and Sustainable Development – Varna*;
  • Za Zemiata/Friends of the Earth Europe;
  • Centre for Environmental Education and Information – Sofia;
  • Balkani Wildlife Nature Conservation Society - Sofia;
  • Geo Eco Club Academica  Veliko Tarnovo;
  • Terra Environmental Association – Blagoevgrad;
  • Semperviva – Pernik;
  • Pavel P Antonov, PhD;
  • Vassil Beyazov, Dipl. Arch; and
  • Willem Tjebbe Oostenbrink.


Executive Board and Team Members


Milena Dimitrova, Chair of the Executive Board


Natalia Dimitrova, Co-founder with Terra - Blagoevgrad, Executive Board member, Sustainable Development Project's Lead


Pavel P Antonov, PhD, Co-founder and Executive Board Member, Executive Editor, Journalist


Willem Tjebbe Oostenbrink, Co-founder and Executive Board Member


Zoya Borisova, Head of Administration


Plamen Peev, PhD,  Participation and Access to Justice and Information, Advisor


Polina Slavcheva, Communication / Projects Manager







Vladislav Velichkov









Nikolai Genov / Aspektrum , IT Advisor


Dimitur Vassilev-Velin, Co-founder with ECO-CLUB 2000, Skipper and Compass Holder, former Interim Director



*CESD-Varna did not register as a formal co-founder.