Team, Board and Founders

BlueLink is a foundation registered in public benefit under Bulgaria’s Non-for-profit Organisations Act. It is governed by a Council of Founders, which meets at least once a year. An Executive Board is appointed to oversee the foundation’s activities. Since 2011 the board has appointed Pavel Antonov, PhD, to manage the organisation's team and day-to-day activities as Executive Manager.

BlueLink's Founders

BlueLink was founded in 1998 and registered in 1999 by:

  • ECO-CLUB 2000 – Sofia;
  • Public  Center for Environment and Sustainable Development – Varna*;
  • Za Zemiata/Friends of the Earth Europe;
  • Centre for Environmental Education and Information – Sofia;
  • Balkani Wildlife Nature Conservation Society - Sofia;
  • Geo Eco Club Academica  Veliko Tarnovo;
  • Terra Environmental Association – Blagoevgrad;
  • Semperviva – Pernik;
  • Pavel P Antonov, PhD;
  • Vassil Beyazov, Dipl. Arch; and
  • Willem Tjebbe Oostenbrink.


Executive Board and Team Members


Milena Dimitrova, Chair of the Executive Board


Natalia Dimitrova, Co-founder with Terra - Blagoevgrad, Executive Board member, Sustainable Development Project's Lead


Pavel P Antonov, PhD, Co-founder and Executive Board Member, Executive Editor, Journalist


Willem Tjebbe Oostenbrink, Co-founder and Executive Board Member


Velina Barova, Journalism Projects Lead, Deputy Editor, Journalist


Zoya Borisova, Administrative Officer


Plamen Peev, PhD,  Participation and Access to Justice and Information, Advisor


Ksenia Vakhrusheva, Projects Manager, Sustainable Development and EU-Russia


Nikolai Genov / Aspektrum , IT Advisor


Dimitur Vassilev-Velin, Co-founder with ECO-CLUB 2000, Skipper and Compass Holder, former Interim Director



*CESD-Varna did not register as a formal co-founder.