Expanding the Green Policy Space to Human and Social Rights in Bulgaria

The vision of this project is to promote discussion and cooperation between the Bulgarian Greens with human/gender/migrants rights and social justice movements, with the aim of launching a new progressive, humanistic, democratic and ultimately green “wave” in Bulgarian politics. Such a wave should stand in contrast to and contradict the ongoing right- wing nationalist trend. This publication was intended as a discussion paper for enhancing supportive interaction between Greens, on the one hand, and human rights’ and social justice movements on the other. Its purpose is to explore possible synergies and collaboration between green and human rights policy agendas in Bulgaria, assess the advantages they could bring, and map the steps to achieve them while avoiding risks.

Tht study was conducted by BlueLink with support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Sofia under the project "Еxpanding Green Policy Space to Human and Social Rights" conducted in 2020.