All countries must have a target for climate neutrality

On Monday May 16, 2022 the European Parliament Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety will vote Amendment 393 to the Governance Regulation (2018/1999), which would insert a duty for each Member State to set out by 30 June 2023 the date by which they have decided that they will reach climate neutrality. The European Commission will assess whether these climate neutrality commitments – included in national long-term strategies – are in line with the EU’s targets and climate neutrality objective, or whether there is a gap. 

Blulink has joined the campaign of civil society organizations inspiring MEPs to support the Amendment №393, because it will:

  • Ensure that the EU and its Member States actually achieve climate neutrality, as they committed to do under Article 2 of the European Climate Law.
  • Cement EU countries’ commitment to the European Green Deal, and show that the EU can address jointly the energy, security and climate crises.
  • Provide long-term economic certainty for investors in all EU countries, by enabling Member States to plan and identify, well ahead, the most cost-effective decarbonisation pathway for their economy.
  • Facilitate Member States’ convergence over climate action and targets, while safeguarding national prerogatives to determine their own pace and pathways.
  • Prevent a two-speed Europe in a context where 13 EU countries have already adopted - or are about to adopt - national whole economy climate neutrality targets but others have yet to do so.


The introduction of an obligation for each Member State to set a date for achieving climate neutrality will stimulate the development of a carbon-neutral economy in Bulgaria and in all other EU countries.

BluLink, along with 12 other European environmental organizations, sent a letter to MEPs in support of amendment 393. You can download the text of the letter here.


Another important issue

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