Green Learning: online courses for climate activists

Climate activists can give a boost to their movements with open online courses on Green Learning. The platform by Green European Foundation aims to provide free online courses for learners to build their knowledge and develop their skills.

There are four courses available on the platform: 

How Can We Fight Climate Change?
The alarm is sounding: we are in a climate emergency and our decision-makers are still snoozing. Rouse them to action with this course! From debunking the myths of climate change deniers, to setting out the actions our policy-makers need to take now, this course will arm you with the knowledge and skills to stand up for our planet and future generations.

Impact Europe
To make a difference on a European Union wide level, you need to know how it works! Impact Europe guides you through the inner-workings of the EU’s institutions and the law-making process, before diving into activism on a European scale. Available in English, French, Polish & Spanish, this course will power-up your activism to the next level!

Campaign Strategy
This course is packed with all the essential knowledge and tools you need to set up your own campaign strategy! Discover the key parts of building and implementing a political campaign, sparking inspiration to boost your movements for climate action!

Fast track: Green Issues from A to Z
An online crash-course that gives you a whistle-stop tour on the pivotal issues facing the European Union today, from climate change and beyond, with fun and dynamic videos offering key insights into these hot topics.